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« The Originals The Casket Girls (HD, Repeat, TV-14) While the French Quarter prepares for the annual Casket Girls Festival, Davina helps free Cami of Klaus' compulsion; Elijah and Marcel form a united front.
Eyewitness News on The CW-Philly (New) An up-to-the minute newscast, features of interest in the Philadelphia area, updates on sports, weather and travel are provided by the Eyewitness News Team.
How I Met Your Mother Ted Mosby, Architect (HD, TV-14) After Robin insinuates that Ted's job is boring, Barney takes it upon himself to prove that she is wrong and urges Ted to use his occupational title as a pickup
The King of Queens Maybe Baby (HD, TV-PG) After playing with Deacon's 3-year-old, Doug realizes he wants to be a father, and when Carrie is resistant to the idea, a romantic tryst helps the decision.
The King of Queens Work Related (HD, TV-PG) To Carrie's astonishment, Arthur is offered a part-time job after visiting her at work; Doug and Deacon engage in a practical joke war.
Seinfeld The Red Dot (HD, TV-PG) Jerry is the unwitting cause of Elaine's boyfriend falling off the wagon; George buys Elaine an $85 cashmere sweater discounted because of a red dot.
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